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Are the FRP panels you bought good quality?

Every FRP supplier tells you their FRP are good quality all around the world. But how can we idenify if they told you correctly or not? Let's see these below:

1. Selection of raw materials

The raw materials used by FRP resin, fiber glass, filling calcium powder in a ratio of 1:1:1 configuration, high quality FRP selection of high quality resin: unsaturated benzene resin 196, colorless and transparent.Low viscosity, low heat release, low shrinkage, high curing speed, high compatibility and bright gloss.

2. Comparison of finished products

High quality FRP products have no obvious cracks in the appearance, less pores, bright and pure color, good transparency, a certain toughness and strength, good surface finish, long service life;And the appearance of inferior FRP products has cracks, more pores, color impure gloss is not enough.Its service life is also shorter.

3. Practice is the only test of truth standard time is also the fairest judge

FRP in actual use will be exposed in the process of his real strength, the quality of FRP used a few years later the color a little dim, the whole panel is in good condition, no obvious damage, poor quality of glass fiber reinforced plastic yield to the test of practice, use a few years later can appear the obvious damage such as corrosion fracture porosity, the panel is not so smooth, the color degradation of serious, overall aging, FRP commonly serve for 20 years. but two years later, the low quality FRP will appear the phenomenon of ageing, whole therefore bring huge losses to clients.

In addition to the above said to identify the quality of FRP and the following points:
1. Overall dimension tolerance (inside dimension, outside dimension)
2. Appearance (undue defects: bare fiber, whitening, pit, fracture, uneven fiber)
3, Bakur hardness
4, concentrated load and uniform load
5. Resin content

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