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congratulations to the new products

Glad to tell you all our global clients, Runfeng successfully develop new FRP gel coat panel with 3 new patterns. Today the new products are launched. Let's see the new patterns as below:

Pattern 1:

Pattern 2:

Pattern 3:

The advantages of these new panels:

1. Tougher finish: barcol hardness up to 50. Under the normal using environment, it would be harder to leave marks on the surface of the panels;

2. Longer service life: a panel with 20+ service year, what it means? It means you don't have to change your FRP panel frequently. In other words, it save your cost obviously;

3. Prettier appearance: more patterns for your selections when you considering which patterns more suitable for your project, which gives your project a more harmonious and beatiful look.

We trust the launch of these gel coat panels with new patterns will definately help our clients to meet their customers' demand with more choices.

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